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2014 National Storm Shelter Association Annual Meeting

Safe Room Installation Videos are now available on our Educational Opportunities page.

These are essential steps which are part of the requirements for the NSSA Compliance Verfication Process for Safe Rooms.

Flash 2013 Annual Conference Mitigation 360- Highlight Video

Locate a Safe Room/Storm Shelter Company

Have you been approved to particpate in an area rebate or grant program recently?  Or perhaps you simply want to find a company with a quality shelter that meets FEMA guidelines and/or ICC-500 Standards, let us direct you to that listing.  Our Producer Member listing is located under the "Members" menu box just above.  Or better yet, click here to see the list.

We also have a new feature on our website, LOCATE A PRODUCER.  This feature can assist you in locating those companies in your immediate area or within a specific mileage range. Options are also available to designate the specfic type of shelter you want or need.

*While there may not be a Producer Member listed in your immediate area, many Producer Members install shelters in various areas outside their own.  Feel free to contact any of the Producer Members to see what options are available for you.

About NSSA

The NSSA was formed in 2001 to ensure the highest quality of manufactured and constructed storm shelters for protecting people from injury or loss of life from the effects of tornadoes, hurricanes and other devastating natural disasters. The association is self-policing to maintain public confidence and respect for the storm shelter industry. We invite you to check out our website and find out, "How you can discern quality in a Safe Room." or How you can be a part of our growing organization.

National Wind Institute (NWI)

To bring together All Things Wind, TTU has created the NWI to better support the interdisciplinary research and educational opportunities in wind science, engineering and energy. The institute combines the former Wind Science and Engineering (WiSE) Research Center and the Texas Wind Energy Institute (TWEI) into one entity.

The Wind Science and Engineering (WISE) Research Center at Texas Tech University was established in 1970, following a tornado in Lubbock that caused 26 fatalities and over $100 million in damage.

It is focused on research, education and information outreach.

For more information visit

ICC/NSSA Standards Development Updates

The International Code Council (ICC ) and the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) cooperated in writing the national consensus standard for storm shelters known as the ICC 500-2008. The standard, accredited by the American National Standards Institute, is called the ICC/NSSA Standard for Design and Construction of Storm Shelters. All types and sizes of shelters are included as well as all geographic regions of the country.

*An ICC committee is currently revising the standard, expected to be ICC-500-2013.  NSSA members James Waller, Corey Schultz, Kurt Roeper and Ernst Kiesling serve on the committee.  Scott Tezak of TRC chairs the committee.  Marc Levitan of NIST serves as vice chair.